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This Is A Side Of Zurich You've Never Seen Before

This lakeside Swiss metropolis is consistently voted one of the most liveable cities in the world. A global financial capital, with exceptional upscale hotels, restaurants, and shopping, it’s also one of Europe’s most important capitals of culture. This is where the Dada movement was born; where Richard Wagner composed Tristan and Isolde for his lover Mathilde; where Albert Einstein cultivated his genius, and where James Joyce found solace.

And while Zurich’s reputation for being buttoned-up may hold true, it’s also a city of irresistible charisma where an energetic fusion of modernity and tradition, edge and sophistication, temperance and vibrancy co-exist in perfect synergy.

The pedestrian-friendly, cobblestone streets of Old Town are a step back in time with medieval churches and historic cafés, while Zurich West is one of its newest, most buzzing districts, a former industrial area teeming with nightlife. Dip your toes in Limmat River’s crystal clear water, climb the city's Uetliberg mountain, or blaze a trail through wine country. Unearth a wellspring of inspiration as you rediscover Switzerland’s most enchanting city. Here's what to do in Zurich during your next trip.

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