Best Family Escapes

Recommended Hotels For Travelers Of All Ages

We've selected some of the best family-friendly hotel destinations known for amenities including everything from children’s programs and clubs, to pools and playgrounds, babysitting services, tailored experiences, and more.
This collection of resorts includes a beach hideaway in Antigua where guests can enjoy sailing, kayaking, windsurfing, tennis, and a highly acclaimed kid's club.
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These family-friendly hotels span nearly twenty European countries, including some of the most admired places in Tuscany.
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Asia Pacific
If you're looking for an ocean getaway, consider visiting the Maldives. Their picturesque blue lagoon makes for the perfect photo-shoot backdrop.
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Africa & The Middle East
From beachfront addresses in Mauritius, and the Seychelles, to a safari reserve in South Africa, these must-see hot spots are just waiting to be discovered.
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North America
Choose between the sunny beaches of South Florida and Honolulu, to the bustling streets of New York and other historical U.S. cities.
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Central & South America
This group of city and beach hotels in Argentina and Brazil offer a variety of excursions and cultural experiences.
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The whole family is invited to these animal loving hotels, where pets can enjoy VIP treatment from welcome treats, to massages.
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