This Might Be The Best Restaurant In Singapore

At 15 Stamford, Celebrity Chef Alvin Leung Invites Guests On A Culinary Journey Through Asia
The Demon Chef Branches Out

“When I came and I saw the space—it was such a fantastic space, all built up by iconic architects—I fell in love,” says celebrity chef Alvin Leung, the mastermind behind 15 Stamford. The self-described “Demon Chef,” and the visionary behind Hong Kong’s three-Michelin-starred Bo Innovation decided to bring his talents to the Capitol Kempinski Hotel Singapore in order to collaborate with a prestigious brand and have a presence at the iconic Capitol Theater, which has hosted countless film premieres, including the recent hit “Crazy Rich Asians.”

Chef Leung designed a menu that draws inspiration from all over Asia, serving dishes like Boston lobster with mangosteen, tomato, and spicy Thai dressing, alongside a rich laksa made with seafood broth, coconut milk, and dried shrimp—a crowd-pleasing favorite among diners. “There are a lot of similarities between these cuisines,” says chef Leung, who has traveled extensively throughout Asia and filmed TV series in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Korea, and the Philippines. “Each have their own distinctive things that makes them unique, so it was a matter of finding the common touch and putting the menu together.”

Hokkaido scallop with salted plum and shiso.
Details like wrought iron screens and bamboo caning give the restaurant a sense of place.
Chef Alvin Leung's dishes, like whole Boston lobster with mangosteen and tomatoes with Thai dressing, take diners on a culinary journey through Asia.
The number one priority for me is to give you a good dinner.
A Fitting Homage To Singapore

The pan-Asian menu is a fitting homage to Singapore, which as a historic port city has always been a crossroads for many different cultures. The restaurant’s design by renowned firm AvroKO reflects the city’s heritage as well. The 9,795 square-foot space feels bright and airy, with a design that draws inspiration from Singapore’s colonial past. Details like bamboo caning on the walls, hand-made ceramic tiles on the bar, an intricately carved wooden back bar, white coffered ceilings, and custom wrought-iron screens make guests feel rooted in a sense of place. Chinese antiques and vases add color and tone as well, but the true pièce de résistance is the retractable stained-glass ceiling that opens onto the atrium of the hotel.

“At 15 Stamford, we were looking to celebrate the beautiful colonial building where the restaurant is housed, while insuring a comforting Asian sensibility,” says AvroKO principal William Harris. “Eclectic, Asian-inspired details, which would be familiar to the Singaporean community are found throughout; from sleek wooden slat screen dividers and doors in the central dining room to more minimalist woven grass wall coverings in the private dining room.” Diners at 15 Stamford can decide what type of experience they want to have, whether they prefer to cozy up in a leather banquette surrounded by greenery, hide out in an intimate wine nook, have a celebration in a private dining room, or sidle up to the cocktail bar in order to be in the middle of all the action.

“The number one priority for me is to give you a good dinner,” says chef Leung. “Chefs are simple and I think that’s all we hope. We hope to see you again.”