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Distinctive Design In the Heart Of Rome
Design In Mind

After eight years of searching, hotelier Ori Kafri found the perfect location for his third Italian boutique getaway, J.K. Place Roma, in a centuries-old building that was once a university architecture school.

The interior is retro-chic with distinctive Italian flair, imagined and executed by Florentine designer Michele Bӧnan, who has a knack for creating hotel interiors that resemble private residences.

According to the visionary, the inspiration for Rome's J.K. Place is the dolce vita of the 1950s and '60s, and the equally nuanced 1960s-influenced style of Tom Ford's film A Single Man.

The library at J.K. Place Roma is designed with an eclectic mix of vintage and modern furnishings.
The lobby beckons to those who delight in modern interior design to sit and stay awhile.
An eclectic mix of books invites staying awhile inside J.K. Place Roma's cozy, yet modernly inviting library.
The interior aesthetic invites guests to linger in the lobby among the bespoke Italian furniture and refurbished vintage pieces.
Harmony & Irony

Bespoke furniture and refurbished vintage pieces coexist with marble statues and contemporary artworks to provide a striking contrast of traditional and modern throughout the hotel. The skylight-lit, living room-like lobby draws influence from ancient Rome with its classical marble sculpture, but then Bӧnan turns that notion on its head with a juxtaposition of modernist furniture.

Whatever the aesthetic, it's an invitation for guests to linger in the lobby, or while away the hours in the intimate, jewel-toned library browsing the shelves, filled with oversized art, design, and fashion books.

The adjacent lounge and bar, JKCafe invokes softer glamour, where you’ll find a decadent back-lit wall of onyx, original 1960s and '70s art, and Bӧnan's custom-created furnishings, accented in gold.

To learn more about J.K. Place Roma, or to book an interior design tour, contact the concierge upon making a reservation.