Ravello Like A Local

It's A Family Affair With A Trio Of Sisters At The Helm At Ravello's Palazzo Avino Hotel
The future is female at Palazzo Avino with the next generation Mariella, Attilia, and Mariavittoria Avino at the helm of the Amalfi Coast's pink palace.
Mariella, Attilia, and Mariavittoria Avino
Managing Director, Director of Sales and Marketing, and Student, Palazzo Avino

History has always loved a triumvirate, and Italy’s latest is a next-generation of sisters. Born and raised in the Amalfi Coast, Mariella, Attilia and Mariavittoria Avino were destined to take the reins of the historic Palazzo Avino, the Amalfi Coast’s famed Pink Palace that father Giuseppe Avino transformed into the Amalfi Coast’s luxury retreat. As children, Palazzo Avino was a playground and a place to learn how a hotel functions. Today, Mariella and Attilia helm the luxury hotel as managing director and director of sales and marketing, a dynamic duo putting the Avino attention on quality, detail, and tradition while at the same time, adding a few new dimensions. The sisters have updated the atmosphere and experience with a new design, an artist program, a cocktail menu of 100 martinis, and a signature cosmetic line. Younger sister Mariavittoria , who is studying Hotel Management at the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, will join Mariella and Attilia when she graduates, and has already contributed to the Pink Palace’s future by creating dynamic social media account.

The inviting entrance to Palazzo Avino.
Artistic Inspiration

Ravello is a town of inspiration, and it has always been the center of creativity. The well-worn cobblestones count thousands of steps of artistic history. London’s famed Bloomsbury Group walked its windy streets and Virginia Woolf considered Ravello her special retreat. In the late 19th century, composer Richard Wagner penned the second act of the opera Parsifal in Ravello, and D.H. Lawrence wrote Lady Chatterley’s Lover here in 1927. The town’s labyrinthine streets, wild lizards, and Moorish decorations inspired graphic artist M.C. Escher.

Local Recommendations

The Avino Sisters Reveal Their Favorite Amalfi Coast Points Of Interest

From a special sunset terrace to a hidden museum, Mariella, Attilia, and Mariavittoria Avino share their favorite places in the Amalfi Coast.

Animating With Art

A Seaside Café With An Art Focus

In her first year at Palazzo Avino, Mariella decided she wanted to enrich and enliven Palazzo Avino by bringing in contemporary artists to create site specific works for the palace. Her idea became the ongoing, interactive project Caffe dell’Arte, Palazzo Avino’s art-inspired café, bringing international artists like Marco Nereo Rotelli to animate the space. “Art and expression bring a different light to the atmosphere of Palazzo Avino and Ravello”, says Mariella. Caffe dell’Arte is the canvas for an artist-in-residence program conceived by Mariella when she took over as managing director. Since then the hotel has invited three artists to liven the café with their works, and in successive years, international artists have lived at the hotel, creating unique works of art that animate its grounds.

Hand in hand with Mariella’s passion for art is Attilia’s love for the tastes and smells of the Amalfi Coast. Along with her role as director of sales and marketing, she personally oversees Palazzo Avino’s spa and wellness program featuring a rich regimen of treatments, and the Palazzo’s own cosmetics line made up from regional fruit including Sorrento lemons, Vesuvian apricots, and Annurcan apple. Attilia spent months doing field research to find the best local flavors that not only represent the Amalfi coast, but have enriching properties.

A Marco Nereo Rotelli exhibition on display at Caffe dell’Arte at Palazzo Avino.

Coastal View

A Panoramic Terrace For An Afternoon Escape

If you ask any of the sisters where the best place to find them any day of the week would be, they will tell you the Terrazza Belvedere, the palazzo’s panoramic terrace overlooking the coastline. As part of the next generations’ imprint, the terrace has an intimate alcove dedicated to mixology. Master bartenders mix 100 different kinds of martinis at the Lobster and Martini Bar, crafting the sisters’ personal blends from local and seasonal herbs and fruits.

A daytime view from the Terrazza Belvedere.

Coral Carvings

A Hidden Gem In Ravello’s Main Square

Ravello’s Museo del Corallo (9 Piazza Duomo; +39-089-857-461), one of Maria and Attilia's favorite places, is hidden museum and boutique that celebrates Ravello’s more than five-century history as the center of coral artistry. Here she peruses delicate coral carvings by corallari, master coral artists including museum founder Giorgio Filocamo.

Master coral carvings at the Museo del Corallo. Photo courtesy of Museo del Corallo.

Sweet Amalfi

A Legendary Pastry Shop

Say the word Pansa anywhre along the Amalfi Coast, and everyone will know exactly what you mean. For nearly two centuries, Pansa Pasticceria (40 Piazza Duomo; +39-089-871-065) has been the coast’s legendary pastry shop thanks to its delectable chocolate, dried fruit, cookie and pastry confections. Open until midnight, it’s also the center of Amalfi’s social scene, and a favorite of the Avino sisters who make sure to leave each guest a sweet Pansa pastry parting gift.

Amalfi’s preferred pasticceria. Photo courtesy of Pansa Pasticceria.