Capri Beyond The Blue Grotto

Welcome To J.K. Place Capri, Italy’s Contemporary Island Retreat With Ancient History
Imperial Blue

From the aquamarine waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea, to rich cerulean skies, and inky evenings of imperial blues, Capri is a celebration of the hue—a celebration that has withstood the test of time. The limestone island has long reigned as a seaside escape for the internationally illustrious, luring Roman rulers, Golden Age luminaries, and contemporary celebrities with its magical island beauty and sophisticated charm. In 31 BC, Caesar Augustus bought the large rock from Naples, and turned it into his island pied-à-terre. His successor Tiberius, wary of the political jockeying going on in Rome, was so captivated by Capri that he retired to the island for the latter half of his reign. His fully-stocked retreat included lavish villas and resplendent temples, and it was here at his Villa Jovis that Tiberius commanded the entire Roman Empire for more than a decade.

The dramatic coastline of Capri and the Marina Grande.
Capri’s famous Fariglioni, paleothic monumental rocks, are emblematic of the island.
JK.. Place Capri perched above the marina.
J.K. Place Capri is both setting and scene for a chic Mediterranean getaway.
Getaway Within A Getaway

Although two thousand years have passed since Tiberius walked its hills, 21st century Capri is still very much a coveted escape. The island, a marvelous microcosm of Mediterranean life—colorful piazzas lined with luxury hotels and villas, hilltops peppered with wildlife and archaeological sites, and a craggy coastline of hidden grottoes and coves—is an uncompromising combination of rustic and chic. It’s just as easy to hide in plain sight in the bustling boutiques and shops of bustling Anacapri as it is to lose yourself physically and metaphysically in the island’s ravaged history.

Resting on the vertiginous cliffs above the Marina Grande, J.K. Place Capri is an empire of its own, reminiscent of imperial luxury. Intimate and private, the hotel is not like any other Capri hotel, thanks in part to its location. Its cliffside perch is a quiet neighborhood unto itself; a hike away from the chatter of Capri town, and a tuk tuk ride to the marina. A private getaway, J.K. Place Capri is the most exclusive oasis in this island paradise. The self-contained residence wants for nothing, a seaside dolce vita that is both setting and scene for a chic Mediterranean getaway.