Romancing The Stone

Feast Amid Ancient Ruins At La Posta Vecchia Hotel
Archaeological Gem

When J. Paul Getty purchased a seaside retreat in the coastal Italian town of Ladispoli, the avid art collector never expected that 300 year-old archaeological treasures would be buried underneath. But during an overhaul of the 17th century property during the 1960s, workers uncovered priceless artifacts of an ancient Roman city, Alsium, which historians traced to the second century B.C.

The discovery was yet another reason for the oil baron to cherish his new acquisition, a historic site facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, about a half hour's drive outside of Rome. Getty prized the ruins, setting up a private museum to preserve and display the ruins in the cellar of his restored home.

La Posta Vecchia Hotel has maintained John Paul Getty's museum-worthy décor.
A private dinner in the hotel's cellar is surrounded by the ruins of Alsium.
In the 1960s, while undergoing a renovation, workers discovered the remains of a city dating back to the second century B.C.
Industrialist J. Paul Getty set up a private museum in the property’s cellar dedicated to ancient Roman ruins.
Tastefully Classic

The Sciò family acquired the property in 1980, and used the house as a private residence until 1989. Buoyed by a desire for more than a few close friends to enjoy the beauty of the historic villa by the sea, Roberto Sciò opened La Posta Vecchia to the public as a hotel in 1990.

The captivating setting of the cellar museum is an alluring draw. The impressive subterranean collection intrigues visitors with a private dining experience unlike any other amid ancient plates and vases, African and Greek marble statuary, and colorful mosaics.

Chef Antonio Magliulo delivers a special menu designed to enhance the classicism of the space with authentic Italian flavors–homemade pastas and sauces, freshly caught fish, and traditional desserts for a final indulgence.

Throughout the hotel, museum-worthy décor reigns with furniture and artwork throughout the property selected by Getty and art historian Federico Zeri.

To learn more about La Posta Vecchia Hotel, or the private museum dinner for two, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.