What To Do On Your Next Trip To Miami

No Longer Merely A Winter Retreat, This Tropical Paradise Has Become A World-Class City Year Round

There's something undeniably exotic about this warm-weather playground, and, while the miles and miles of sandy beaches and azure oceanfront can't help but mesmerize, there's much more to its allure.

A burgeoning art scene, bolstered by the yearly infux of international visitors arriving for Art Basel, creative cuisine by celebrity chefs, lively nightlife, and an infusion of Latin influence keep the city buzzing with an energy that's hard to resist.

From the trendy neighborhoods of South Beach, Wynwood, and the Design District; to historic Coral Gables, culturally rich Little Havana, and tucked-away Coconut Grove; those who know Miami offer insight into a sun-drenched metropolis filled with beauty that's more than skin deep.

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