Eating Well

An Inventive Chef Quietly Cut Gluten And Dairy From The Menu At One Aldwych's Indigo Restaurant
No Secret Ingredients

There's something to appeal to every taste on the menu at Indigo at One Aldwych, the Covent Garden hotel's informal restaurant. Delicious seafood starters of cured salmon, seared scallops, and crab with mackerel and shrimp, make way for entrées that include beer-battered fish and chips, pork tenderloin, poultry, venison, and grass-fed beef. Desserts, from a decadent chocolate mousse to a lemon merengue parfait, are also made in house daily.

Indigo has its signature dishes, freshly seasonal and always inventive, but upon further inspection, you'll discover what makes Indigo truly unique—everything on the menu, including the breads and desserts, is completely gluten and dairy free.

For anyone with food allergies, there's no need to worry about what troublesome ingredients might be hidden inside, and for those who don't have cause for concern, the chef promises that flavor hasn't been sacrificed to present healthier dishes.

Sampling one of chef Dominic’s signature dishes at Indigo.
A picture-perfect culinary recreation.
In the kitchen with Dominic Teague, executive chef, Indigo at One Aldwych.
Executive Chef Dominic Teague proved a point: that gluten- and dairy-free fare can be healthy without sacrificing flavor.
Arrive Hungry

Executive Chef Dominic Teague began working on different recipes months before the menu changed in September of 2015, but the debut was kept quiet to prove a point: that gluten- and dairy-free dishes could still be delicious. Although Teague doesn't suffer from food allergies himself, he had experienced the challenges diners with sensitivities face. His wife has an allergy to gluten, and his mother, is sensitive to dairy.

"The priority has always been to create beautifully prepared, simply delicious offerings without compromising on quality ingredients or taste. That they happen to be gluten- and dairy-free is a bonus," said the chef. Dine à la carte, or try Indigo's two or three prix fixe menus. There are also gluten-free options, as well as vegan, and vegetarian treats to enjoy as part of the hotel’s popular afternoon tea service.

To learn more about One Aldwych, or gluten- and dairy-free dining at Indigo or during afternoon tea, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.