Scenic Retreat

At Hostal de La Gavina, A Walk Along The Sea Leads To Secluded Beauty
Grand View

Those seeking respite from bustling Barcelona can find refuge along the northeast coast of Spain’s beautiful Costa Brava, where they are swept up in the spectacular beauty of the region’s rugged cliffs and secluded beaches.

At the heart of the Costa Brava, in the private enclave of S'Agaró, is Hostal de La Gavina. Established by visionary hotelier Josep Ensesa i Gubert in the early 1920s, he dreamed of a garden city that overlooked the Mediterranean. The jewel of his S'Agaró vision was Hostel de La Gavina, the first luxury hotel in Costa Brava when it opened in 1932. The hotel’s fourth-generation owners, the Ensesa family, continue the tradition of hospitality maintaining the elegant spirit of the grand hotel by the sea.

Hostal de La Gavina offers views of some of the most beautiful coastline in the Mediterranean.
Sa Conca beach is one of the most interesting on the Costa Brava, with its natural surroundings of jagged rocks and pine trees.
Hostal de La Gavina sits between two bays, and is intended to blend seamlessly into its surroundings.
Walk El Camino de Ronda, and the scenic footpath which departs from directly in front of Hostal de la Gavina.
Stepping Out

No visit to Hostal de la Gavina would be complete without walking the El Camino de Ronda trail, a historic footpath that traverses 45 miles of the Costa Brava. Gubert wanted his guests to enjoy the enjoy the path and delight in how his land stretched from the bay of Sant Pol to the beach of Sa Conca.

He built a promenade, which led directly from his hotel and traced 20 miles of coastline. The lovely esplanade skirts the sea wall, providing some of the most beautiful views in the region. Along the way, the hotel's neighbors, majestic country homes built on hillsides to take in the beauty of the Mediterranean, reflect traditional Catalan architecture with towers, porticos, and dramatic low-roof lines.

Today, guests take a picnic lunch, and embark on a picturesque walk, the scents of pine and bougainvillea filling the air. Rocks divide the golden sand beach with its crystal emerald waters into two different coves, one for swimming, and the other teeming with marine life, perfect for snorkeling.

To learn more about Hostal de La Gavina, or the Sa Conca beach picnic experience, please contact the concierge upon making a reservation.