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Artisans of hospitality, our hoteliers pride themselves on their largely family-owned, and independently managed hotels, the superlative service they live deliver, and authentic local experiences they set out to create. Each stay experience is a work of art crafted one-by-one according to the needs and interests of each very important guest.

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Uncommon Experiences

Discover what lies beneath the surface in the world’s most cosmopolitan cities. From insider recommendations provided by local tastemakers and influencers, to exclusive experiences reserved for guests of The Leading Hotels of the World, we invite you to discover a world of possibilities beyond the doorsteps of our more than 400 remarkably uncommon hotels. Learn More.

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The Collection

Comprised of more than 400 hotels in over 80 countries, Leading Hotels’ distinct properties make up a collection of independent and uncommon luxury hotels throughout the world. Among our members are former castles, palaces, urban gems, mountain hideaways, safari camps and private islands.

New Hotels

Hotels seeking to join The Leading Hotels of the World must have a referral from an existing member hotel and apply for admission. To be considered for inclusion, a hotel must be in the luxury category, demonstrate its Remarkably Uncommon attributes and meet the most exacting standards with respect to accommodations, service, cuisine, staff and facilities – in short – all aspects affecting guest comfort, convenience and experience. View our newest members.


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Telephone: (212) 515-5600

Key Officers

  • Shannon Knapp

    President & Chief Executive Officer


The Leading Hotels of the World is a wholly owned by Hotel Representative AG and LHW Services GmbH

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